2 Baby Milk Feeding bottles BIBIGO.40% Organic.Unique Air vacuum Collapsible Design for Colic Relief and Safe Powder prefill Storage.10 oz-330ML,2 Medium teat flow.GMO & BPA free.
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Product Description
About the Product :

  • Air Vacuum Design - The bottle unique design bellows-style enable reducing bottle size as your baby sucks by collapsing one bellows or more, to get the bottle adjusted to the right volume of liquid left inside the bottle
  • Reducing the amount of air in the bottle, reduces the amount of air swallowed which provides effective and proactive colic relief.BIBIGO Baby Feeding Bottles are expandable, collapsible and bendable.
  • Fixing indoors, mixing outdoors- Thanks to their space saving design and airproof cap design, when folded, these newborn feeder bottles can safely store the desired amount of baby formula powder saving you precious space when on the go.

    No need to carry large empty bottles, powder boxes or dispensers, not even separate additional powder compartment
  • At feeding time, wherever you may be, all you will need is to add water.
  • Quick & Easy Mixing - The BIBIGO is the perfect baby formula mixing and feeding bottle indoors or outdoors
  • Simply expand the bottle bellows, add water and shake vigorously to blend
  • Watch as the unique bellows design breaks down milk powder clumps quickly and easily leaving you with smooth and completely mixed infant formula ready for feeding
  • No need of agitators or stirrers, nor powder mixers or blenders.
  • Baby Safe Design - Each bottle is designed with an infants

    tiny hands in mind making them easy to grip and hold for babies and toddlers
  • These bottles are designed with a low and flat cap that remains secure to protect the teat from contamination and stop leakage while packed away in your baby bag
  • Each baby formula bottle is half the weight of traditional plastic baby bottles and 10 times lighter than glass baby bottles.
  • Safe and Reliable - French National Laboratory Testing has certified that the materials and colors used in the construction of these bottles is food contact safe
  • These baby bottles are also BPA free and the ring and cap are made from organic materials, a first in this industry
  • 100% GMO

    free.Bottles are Pink and Blue, with medium teat flow.
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