2 in 1 Pack Furniture Straps for Baby Safety - Child Proof Safety Belt Anti-Tip TV Strap for Furniture & Wall - Best Velcro Resistant Bracket for Smart Flat Panel LCD Flat Screen Television [Black]
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Product Description
About the Product :

  • Top Safety - secures your expensive TV and prevents it from tipping
  • Designed and produced by professional childproofers, this accessory also keeps your kids safe from furniture and TV tip-over.
  • iCooker Quality - made by the reputable iCooker brand, this flat screen TV safety strap is quality every inch
  • Built from Plastic and heavy-duty polypropylene webbing for ultimate strength and safety
  • Furniture Compatible - compatible with all your furniture designs
  • Get a flat screen TV safety strap that works for you regardless of what dressers or cabinets you are using.
  • Double Straps - features dual non-plastic straps for extra strength
  • This accessory is

    designed to work effectively and conveniently
  • Make a little adjustment that will go a long way towards ensuring your peace of mind
  • Necessity - if you have kids, or are just looking to fasten your furniture to avoid accidents at home, the iCooker flat screen TV safety strap is a necessity rather than an extra accessory
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