5 Baby Girl Newborn Hair Bows on Nylon Headbands | 2" Ribbon Softs Pack | by Scarlett Robin
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Product Description
About the Product :

  • NEWLY DESIGNED NYLON HEADBANDS - In response to customer feedback the soft nylon headbands have been made slightly larger and more stretchy
  • These improved bands fit much more comfortably!
  • GROWS WITH YOUR BABY GIRL - the one size fits all nylon stretches as your child grows
  • The headbands come small enough to fit the most petite newborn, and will naturally stretch as her head grows all the way up to school age
  • HIGHEST QUALITY - We deliver headbands soft enough for the most sensitive newborn, and strong enough to ensure the band does not break
  • Our manufacturing process has been fined tuned to keep the bows attached to the headbands
  • If you experience

    any quality issues contact us and we will resolve them!
  • MODERN HAIR BOW DESIGNS - Our entire product line offers a great variety of trendy styles to always keep your discerning child "on fleek", whether she needs to dress to impress at pre-school, or is posing for her inaugural Instagram picture
  • VARIETY OF COLORS - each uniquely styled pack of bows comes with multiple colors to match every outfit
  • One pack offers enough options to accent almost any outfit you can come up with
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