Bath Toy Organizer- Large Storage for Baby Boys & Girls With 2 Heavy Duty Lock Sanction Cups With Hooks-2 FREE BONUS Extra Strong Sanctions- Attach Perfectly To Tile & Glass- Large Mesh Organizer
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Product Description
About the Product :

  • KEEP YOU BATHROOM NEATLY ORGANIZED AND YOU CHILD HAPPY: With this handy organizer your children can always choose their favorite toy while they are still in the water
  • No need to ask for your help to find their toys anymore
  • This transparent-white mesh bag is just all they need to have easy access to their toys while once your little ones finish their bath you can use it to store all their toys in one place
  • Forget messy bathrooms! Now you can keep it nice and clean till next time!
  • MOLD RESISTANT: This smart mesh organizer is made of great quality 100% polyester to ensure its durability
  • While it works perfect as an organizer, at the same time it

    allows your kids toys to air dry, preventing the growth of mold
  • This way, the toys will stay in good condition longer while your children are well protected against the dangerous mold bacteria
  • For healthy, happy and smiling kids, now you know what you have to do!
  • LIGHTWEIGHT YET EXTRA STRONG: This mesh bag weights almost nothing, but it works wonders on keeping your kids toys in place
  • Thanks to its great quality this netting can hold up to 5 lbrs or 2.2 Kg, which is rather enough for your childs bath toys
  • With dimensions 45x35cm and great storage capacity, feel free to use it with smaller or bigger toys
  • The great quality of this mesh bag will

    never let you down.
  • EXTRA STRONG SANCTION CUPS FOR HASSLE FREE INSTALLATION: Not all sanction cups are created equal
  • While others fall off in less than one hour, these sanction cups are made to stay in place till you take them away! Never worry about having to re-attach the sanctions
  • Once you do them, they will stay there for way longer than you may think
  • Note also that they attach perfectly to both tile and glass.
  • GET IT WITH CONFIDENCE: Along with your bath toy organizer and its sanction hook locks you will also get 2 MORE STRONG HOOKED SANCTIONS completely for free
  • They are perfect to hang your sponges, razors and more, so you can keep your

    bathroom nice and clean from top to bottom
  • Backed up by a money-back-satisfaction guarantee by Toyorganize, what are you waiting for? You and your child need it
  • Order now!
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