[For 1-12 Years Old] HopTiger Safety Harness, Wrist Leash - Double Layer Velcro to Avoid Undetected Escape
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Product Description
About the Product :

  • Designed for 1-12 years old
  • Weight only 0.22lb
  • 5.9 Feet PU Cord with stainless steel inside.
  • Double Layer Velcro to avoid undetected escape attempts
  • Normally the 1-3 years old little kids can not undo the strap
  • An older kid could undo it, but normally they are old enough to follow your instruction not to touch the strap.
  • [Customer Testimonials]: My 3 y.o
  • and 5 y.o
  • actually like having this on their wrist
  • It easily retracts and extends when needed
  • Does not hurt the wrists at all
  • I plan to bring this to Bali with us on our trip.
  • [Customer Testimonials]: It depends on the childs age
  • My 4 yr old could undo the strap after he figured it out
  • I

    personally loved the strap and felt comfortable with it
  • He was next to me at all times so I felt the tug on my arm so it was okay
  • He knew not to touch it after I told him no, so it worked for us while at the amusement parks and airports.
  • [Customer Testimonials]: My 2 year old was not able to escape this contraption while we were on our cruise.
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