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About the Product :

  • Only 100% natural herbal external remedy specifically formulated for infants with colic and stomach pain
  • Pediatrician recommended.
  • Provides relief of gas pain and calms a fussy baby without the ingestion of medications.
  • Calms the parent or caregiver with Lavender aromatherapy.
  • The Happi Tummi® waistband is adjustable, easy to clean and available in several patterns and colors
  • The Happi Tummi® has received the prestigious iParenting HOT Award, iParenting Media Award and the Preemie Magazine Cool Stuff Award.
  • Refills can last up to 40 uses before they begin to lose their scent/ aroma, at which time replacement is recommended
  • If purchasing extra

    refills, be sure to store them in a cool, dry place.
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