Hurley Hippo Bath Toy Organizer (Blue)
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Product Description
About the Product :

  • MAKE BATHTIME FUN TIME with the Hurley Hippo bath toy storage solution that encourages your little ones to put away their toys so you enjoy a clutter-free tub and an organized bathroom.
  • TWO FREE HEAVY DUTY SUCTION CUPS to ensure your bath toy storage net will stay stuck to your tiled wall, shower screen or mirror due to market leading ultra-strong LIMPET LOCK isothermic hooked suction cups.
  • ENJOY SAFE, MOLD AND MILDEW FREE TOYS thanks to the large mesh bag, allowing water to drain out through the mesh net whilst letting dry air in to circulate enabling the contents to dry out.
  • REGAIN YOUR CLEAN & TIDY BATHROOM whilst providing a safe environment for

    your children to play in
  • Made of hygienic synthetic rubber, its easy to clean and bacteria resistant - CURRENTLY ON A LIMITED TIME 33% OFF DISCOUNT.
  • What customers say about our bath toy storage system: Hurley is brilliant my kids love him, bath times are now so much fun, Finally I have a toy free shower!, All the baby toys can be stored easily and dry out., The perfect baby shower gift - Order today with 90 day warranty.
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