Kiscords Baby Safety Cabinet Locks For Knobs Child Safety Cabinet Latches For Home Safety Strap For Baby Proofing Cabinets Kitchen Door RV No Drill No Screw No Adhesive / Color White/ 5 Pack
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Product Description
About the Product :

  • Available in white and black colors
  • They work only on cabinets with side-by-side knobs
  • Have handles? See our other product designed specifically for side-by-side straight handles (you can easily find them by clicking on the Kiscords Childproof Cabinet Lock (blue link) located just above these bullet points)
  • Also, view our instructional videos on YouTube
  • Just type in Kiscords and click on the instructional video for knobs.
  • No drilling, no adhesive, no damage to cabinets-100% Money Back Guarantee
  • Easy to use for adults --- not children
  • Adjustable to fit cabinet knobs 6 1/2 inches apart on center
  • Kiscords child safety cabinet locks install easily

    with no tools needed
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