MOM & BAB Toddler Training Pants/Underwear. Water-resistent|Best Quality|Machine Washable & Reuable|Soft Cotton|Comfortable Fit|3 layers(Medium, Airplane/Soccer)
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Product Description
About the Product :

  • These pants are designed to feel like comfortable underwear and are tested to hold at least 30ml of urine if the waist and thigh band fit snug (please refer to the photo of the size chart and measure your child for the best fit)
  • The 3 layers makes the pants partially waterproof, helping to catch small accidents, resulting in less clean up.
  • Great transition pants to underwear
  • Construction of pant makes it easier for child to pull up and down and will last for use with all your kids
  • Your child will feel the wetness with the onset of an accident, where they can be taught to notify you or head to the potty.
  • Very durable soft cotton material that is

    sewn with precision
  • Accidents wash out well
  • 100% no hassle money-back guaranty and lifetime product replacement guarantee.
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