New Collection 2017 - Baby Bottle Holder Hands Free Feeding - Cute Cartoon (Baby Giraffe and Giraffe Mom) - Helper Mom (Yellow)
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Product Description
About the Product :

  • Pillow is designed for Self Feeding Pillow for 5~18 months Baby - Stop holding bottle all the time for your baby feeding
  • Get spare time to do other nursing things for your baby even it is tiny!
  • Hands-free feeding for Parents, can change diaper or anything else for your babies at the same time
  • Even can be Twin feeding pillow cushion, which allows you to feed twins at the same time
  • Why dont you go to bathroom for yourself while baby feeding!
  • Designed for easy , Fits all bottle types and Designed specifically for little hands.
  • It is comfortable for your baby when feeding.
  • Cotton - Cute Cartoon (Baby Giraffe and Giraffe Mom).
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