Project Nursery 5” High Definition Baby Monitor System with 1.5 Mini Monitor - White
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Product Description
About the Product :

  • Two-way communication keeps you working together as a team or soothes with Mothers voice.
  • Best-in-class battery life to keep monitoring even when you may fall asleep.
  • A Safe and Secure 2.4ghz connection helps you keep an eye on your Baby morning, noon and night.
  • If you cannot hear sound from baby room
  • Make sure the monitor is turned up
  • Press the VOL+ button until you hear sounds from your baby room
  • Make sure the microphone on the camera is not blocked
  • The microphone is just above the lens
  • If you do not see video from the camera on monitor
  • Make sure your monitor is turned on press the POWER button
  • Then press the VIDEO ON or OFF button that is

    VIDEO on the mini monitor to make sure the monitor display is awake
  • Make sure the camera is plugged in to a working outlet and turned on.
  • So easy to setup, even Dad can do it
  • The included handheld mini-monitor helps you stay busy while Baby sleeps or plays
  • A clear line of sight between wireless devices will always yield the best results, however, we know this isnt realistic in a home application
  • The Project Nursery Baby monitor and camera has been tested alongside other competitors 2.4Ghz baby monitors in many different types of homes ranging from small apartments to single family dwellings over 4000 square feet and we were consistently among the

    best in range performance
  • While we cant give you an exact distance figure based on your living arrangement, we can state that wireless range is affected by the following: Construction (older homes with stone and plaster will hinder radio frequencies more than newer drywall homes Height of the camera placement (the higher the camera usually the better range) Other 2.4Ghz wireless sources (microwaves, wifi, Bluetooth, cell phones, tablets, TVs, etc., all produce electronic noise in a wireless atmosphere) Number of walls and ceilings between units
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