Young Start Magnetic invisible Baby and Child proof Safety Locks for Cabinets and Drawers, 8 Locks and 2 Keys, Easy to fit, No Tools,Nails or Screws required
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Product Description
About the Product :

  • • IS YOUR YOUNG ONE FINALLY CRAWLING OR NOW UP ON THEIR FEET? Its now time to make your cabinets/cupboards and drawers secure and safe without delay at this amazing time in their development
  • • ARE YOU WORRIED ABOUT THE APPEARANCE OF UGLY PLASTIC LOCKS AROUND YOUR HOME? Young Start Magnetic Safety Locks provide a quick and easy way to make your cabinets/cupboards and drawers secure without compromising the appearance of your home
  • • ALL FITTINGS ARE CONCEALED INSIDE THE CABINET/CUPBOARD/DRAWER, so rest assured your exterior doors will not be marked or scratched by unsightly handles or tacky plastic catches, and no need to fumble around through a

    tiny gap to get inside your cabinet door to release tricky catches as with some safety lock designs
  • • MAGNETIC KEYS LOCK AND UNLOCK THE INTERNAL LATCH, so nothing has to be attached to the exterior of your cupboards/cabinets/drawers.
  • • THIS MEANS THERE IS NO RISK OF YOUR BABY/CHILD BEING ABLE TO OPEN THE DOOR, offering them a secure environment in which to toddle, play and explore whilst giving you peace of mind*
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