YOUR NEW FAVORITE BABY HEADBANDS - Super Stretchy Knot Baby Headband For Newborn Headbands and Baby Girls Headbands
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Product Description
About the Product :

  • ALWAYS PERFECT, ¬†ALWAYS FITS! These one size fits ALL, OMG it is so comfortable, so stretchy, so adorable, knotted head wrap.¬† are sure to be your new favorite little girl hairbands
  • Throw it into the diaper bag, suitcase, or the bottom of the drawer
  • It will look amazing! These baby girl infant and toddler headbands are the 'I can't live without it' piece you have been searching for
  • DON'T OVERSPEND ON BABY GIRL HEADBANDS - Handcrafted, top quality, and made to last! This headband will fit all ages and last even longer! Perfect for newborn headbands, baby headbands, and big girls!
  • SO SOFT AND COMFORTABLE - Can't emphasize

    this part enough! SO SO SO comfortable!! So lightweight your newborn girl will barely realize that it is even there!! Infant headbands and baby turbans are trending! Get one for your baby that is comfortable and stylish!
  • TESTED AND APPROVED! Third party lab tested for safety and quality
  • When you buy baby accessories, turbans, hair bands, headwraps for your babies and children
  • Think Zelda Matilda for quality you can count on and styles you love.
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