GuardedBaby TV / Furniture Anti Tip Straps |2 pack
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Product Description
About the Product :

  • ✔️ PREVENT A SERIOUS ACCIDENT: You can now safely anchor your TV or furniture to prevent from tipping over due to earthquakes or every day accidents! We offer a heavy duty adjustable set made for maximum anti-tip safety
  • Protect your furniture from naughty little hands or pet paws and firmly secure your nightstand, desk, cabinets, and bookshelves
  • Rest assured that your children are fully protected and can safely play around the house.
  • ✔️ ALL-METAL PARTS! NO PLASTIC OR GLUE! : Our premium Television & Furniture kit is made of top quality materials and stands out for its sturdiness and longevity! No more cheaply-made TV anchors with flimsy

    plastic parts! The durable ALL-METAL CLAMPS provide unprecedented stability and guarantee increased longevity
  • Turn your home into a safer place for your little angels with these high-end TV wall fasteners!
  • ✔️ MOUNTING HARDWARE + FREE BONUS GIFT INCLUDED! : GuardedBabys heavy duty TV & furniture anchors come in an all-inclusive package containing all necessary hardware
  • Save time and energy looking for bolts, screws or tools! The 4 clear corner protectors included as a FREE BONUS add great value by turning your home into a safer place by adding cushion to sharp edged table corners.
  • ✔️ EASY INSTALLATION! : You dont need to be an expert to

    install your new furniture anchors! Weve made installation a breeze by including simple to follow instructions
  • Attach each strap safely in a matter of minutes and baby proof your bedroom, living-room, kids room & kitchen in top DISCRETION! These modern anchor brackets are subtle in material & parts in ALL timeless black!
  • ✔️ RELIABLY SECURE YOUR HOME OR GET YOUR MONEY BACK! : We are immensely proud of the quality and efficiency of our anti-tip TV & furniture straps and we know youll love their convenience! This is why we back our bundle set with the friendliest customer service and 90-Day Full Refund Policy! So dont hold back and place your order

    with confidence! If you are not 110% happy with our child-proofing set, we will return your money in full- HASSLE FREE!
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